How it all started...

First Southern Baptist Church of Chino Valley (FSBC), Arizona, begun as a mission church, in what was then a rural community, sponsored by Miller Valley Southern Baptist Church in Prescott, AZ on February 15, 1962. Eugene Virt from MIller Valley was elected as Pastor and led services in the lunchroom of the school ( Del Rio Consolidated) inn Chino Valley.

On November 11, 1962, the church was constituted as First Southern Baptist Church of Chino Valley. Thirty-four charter members called O.R. Moore, mission pastor, to be the new pastor of the church. A deceleration of faith was adopted by the group read from Pendelton's manual. The church voted to give ten percent of its income to World Missions through the Cooperative Program.  

In December 1962, wanting to have a church building, a deposit of $100. was put down on the Woolstrom property. This parcel of 3 1/2 acres on Highway 89 contained a good well and approximately 210 feet of frontage and 700 feet of depth. It was purchased for $6,000. The Home Mission Board (H.M.B.) approved a $12,000. loan for the building. It was erected using a lot of experienced, free labor such as a plumber, electrician, block layer, etcetera. Groundbreaking for the church building took place in March 1963. October 18, 1963 FSBC was accepted into the Yavapai Baptist Association.

The first service was held in the new auditorium on March 8, 1964. A note burning service celebrated the church's debt-free status on December 10, 1978.

                                        PRESENT CHURCH FACILITIES
On September 28, 1991, a groundbreaking ceremony for the current worship center building took place. Pastor Jerry Kinman tossed out the first shovel of earth as he broke the ground for a new church building. He and about 20 members of the church held an early morning ceremony at the site.

It was to contain 10,000 square feet including offices and meeting rooms in addition to the main sanctuary. The sanctuary would accommodate 350-370 people. Work on the parking lot and installation of a new septic system for the new sanctuary was completed August 1992. Construction was begun in May 1993, under the coordination of Arizona Southern Baptist Builders. Most of the work was done by volunteers from local congregations as well as Baptist groups from around the country who were retired or on vacation.

The old church building was remodeled to house the Children's' church and expand the fellowship hall. On January 16, 1994, "After a great deal of love and effort, the first service was held in the new church," Pastor Kinman said.

The dedication was held two weeks later. The church steeple, which came about thanks to an anonymous donor, was erected on September  9, 1995. In October 2004 FSBC burned their $160,000 debt note. 


Expanding the vision...

On April 1st, 2020 the church partnered with St.Mary's food alliance to begin a new food bank ministry to the community. The church is a food distribution partner with St. Mary's and distributes two federal food programs. These programs are The emergency food assistance program, and the Commodity Senior food assistance program. The church also plans to provide a weekly food pantry as soon as resources are available to do so. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we worship at 9:00am Small groups and 10:15am worship service.