It's time to get started.

Its time to get started with putting our claim of being followers of Christ to action.  Genesis 1:1 states that "in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."  In this verse we see that our God is a God of action. At FSBC Chino Valley we focus on local, state and international missions. We invite you to get started in helping fulfill the great commission in a verity of ways. 

Join the local mission

Community Action Team (C.A.T) 

Our community action team seeks to fulfill the second greatest commandment by loving our neighbors as ourselves. The C.A.T. team ministers primarily to the members of the church and nonmembers who live in the community of Chino Valley and secondarily to outlying areas such as Paulden, and Ashfork, AZ. The C.A.T. Team takes on jobs such as mowing yards, outside property cleanup, physical property repair, and any such aspect of a physical need that would assist in the betterment of living conditions of an individual, family, or the community as a whole. The C.A.T. team may also partner with other community organizations or churches to accomplish work opportunities.  

Join the State missions

As a part of the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention there are opportunities available to help out on the state level. Click on the following link to learn more.