Monthly Newsletter - JUNE 2023

Vacation Bible School
June 19-23
Last meeting, Saturday, June 17th 10am.
If you have not filled out a background check please do so asap.
Here is the list of donations needed for VBS ....
‚ hula hoops
‚ large plastic cups
‚ sugar wafer cookies
‚ microwave popcorn
‚ alphabet letter cookies
‚ goldfish
‚ large pretzel rods
‚ twizzlers

Thank you,
Katie McAndrews, VBS Director

Prayer Partners
If there's one thing that tends to throw us off track it's when we are abused by someone.
As a Christian, it's hard to know what to do exactly. Even when we are reminded about turning the other cheek, it's quite another thing to do it. It's too easy to come up with a reason for not turning the other cheek. In our culture we see things from a victim's point of view, and what ought to be our rights. What we really do is elevate our status to one in authority.
The people who are abusive have elevated themselves to the same status of authority.
They are those who have initiated their status to the highest place. They are those who have not seen God for who He is, yet have replaced Him with themselves. They have not seen themselves
as being significant to God. They are the ones who are seeking recognition from people rather than from God. They have not surrendered to the gospel of God's grace, and the purpose for their
With some, their behavior is ingrained from childhood experiences, and for others their abusiveness began with a bad experience as an adult. They have not seen the need for self-control
of their emotions. They are self-centered and seeking their own pleasures. They have refused to listen to the revelation of God in nature, Scripture, or the fact of the image of God in humanity.
They have hardened their hearts to the voice of God speaking in these things. They have allowed their sinful nature to grow and become the dominant force in their lives.
We show respect for the truth that they too are created in the image of God. To the degree we know them, we put ourselves in their place to see how we would want to be treated under the
same circumstances. We follow the instructions of Jesus, who said, "bless those who curse you, pray for those who are abusive to you" (Lk 6:28, Nasb 2020). We should be quick to hear what
they are saying, and slow to give a response (Ja 1:19). We do not allow ourselves to get angry, because it "does not bring about the righteousness of God." We do speak the truth, but in love.
Above all, we surrender to the Spirit's guidance, only speaking what He gives us to say.
We are to overcome evil with good, and leave room for the wrath of God. It is not our place to seek vengeance. God is a just God, and there will be a final judgment where wrongs are
made right. When we do it God's way, we are letting the peace of God rule in our hearts (Col 3:15). We are to prove (or show) to whom we belong. Read Matthew 5:43-48 to see how.
Love in Christ,
Pastor Allen Davison

WMU (Women’s Missionary Union)
Hello again!
You’ve probably noticed that the OCC table is set up in the foyer. The basket is there to collect items for our packing party in November. There was a flyer in the bulletin recently with things needed for this. If you didn’t get one, there are more on the table. OCC time will be here before we know it. We’ll have empty shoeboxes by the table during the summer if you plan to pack
shoeboxes at home.
The next WMU meeting is Thursday, June 8th at 10 AM in the Fireside Room. This will NOT be a potluck, but everyone interested will be going out to lunch following the meeting.
Thank you to all who contributed and brought in items for the Chino schools Homeless Kids!
Several things were taken to the ‘store’ at the high school. This is a place where kids in need can come in and pick up quick food items, school supplies and even clothing. And, if necessary, are
able to take a shower. We will be collecting for this again in late November.
Not sure about summer meetings yet, but the September meeting will be our semi-annual baby shower for the Pregnancy Resource Center here in Chino. Items with more of a need will be
listed when the date gets closer.
As always, thank you, God bless you, and all ladies are invited to our meeting!
Diane Perrigo

OCC (Operation Christmas Child)
Hello Everyone!
As I’ve mentioned above, OCC season has started (though you could say it’s a year-round ministry). Toward mid-late summer we’ll begin promoting with videos and more. Jessica Boyd
will be promoting OCC in the church until I get back. If you have any questions about it, you can see her, any WMU ladies, or the information on the table.
Again, if you’re interested in helping for a two-hour shift at the Drop-off, Don would love to hear from you.??
Bless You again for your help with this ministry.
Diane & Don

Amazing Gray’s
Hello everyone, hope your doing well.
Due to VBS and Kids Camp, there will Not be a Senior Luncheon in June.
We will be meeting on July 27th, at 11:30 am - 1:00 pm. In the Fireside room. Theme will be
Mexican Food. See you there.
Carlene Kettner Gillo
Jean Christenson